The UnderEstimated Tour 

Summer 2016


The KSR Group has created an eye opening and unique experience for individuals who wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to experience such a dynamic event at a low cost. With all the violent and negative options plaguing our youth today, “The UnderEstimated Tour 2016” starring Cardi B and Friends, provides a Fresh, Positive, and Entertaining alternative for everyone to participate!

The UnderEstimated Tour kicks off at the Cameo venue in Cincinnati, OH. It features Swift, Just Vlad, Josh Xantus, and Cardi B as the headliner.  Besides the mentioned, audience members will enjoy Hip Hop Magicians, dancers, aerialists, theatrics, and more- all for under $40 a ticket.

“We’re bringing a cirque du soleil type vibe to the hood,” says Cardi B.”

* All dates and locations are subject to change